Who's Who in the Grave Yard - Segment 2

1-Martha Ward

2-Redstone Fragment-"JW...1815"  (Not Otherwise Identified)

3-Sophia Carmichael Emmell

4-Partially Buried Fieldstones

5-Samuel B. Axtell

6-Loree Monument   

     Henry Loree

     Elizabeth L. Axtell Loree

     Mary E. Loree

7-"EL" (Elizabeth Loree)

8-Augusta E. Hyndshaw

9-Illegible Marble-Sugar Decay-Emma E. Hyndshaw

10-Dinah Cutler

11-Illegible Redstone-Stub-Abijah Cutler

12-Cutler Monument

     Joseph Cutler

     Elizabeth P. Cook Cutler

     Silas Cutler,  MD

     Reverend James Cutler

     James Cutler

     Sophia Cutler Hyndshaw

     Dr. Frank J. Hyndshaw

     Emma E. Hyndshaw

     Augusta E. Hyndshaw

13-Abraham Voorhees

14-Illegible Marble-Sugar Decay- Member Of The Moore Family

15-Illegible Marble-Sugar Decay- Member Of The Moore Family

16-Illegible Marble-Sugar Decay- Member Of The Moore Family

17-William Sym Voorhees s/John Flagg Voorhees

18-Abraham Voorhees s/John Flagg Voorhees

19-William Voorhees s/John Flagg Voorhees

20-Moore Monument

     Loami Moore

     Huldah Byram Moore

     James Edgar Moore

     Phebe Bathiah Moore Raugh

     Reverend Dr. Frederick Raugh

21-Ann Guthrie

22- "JD" (Not Otherwise Identified)

23-Illegible Displaced Marble-Sugar Decay

24-Illegible Marble-Sugar Decay-John V. Byram s/Martha E.V. Byram

25-William G. Byram s/Martha E.V. Byram

26-William G. Byram d. 1861 h/Martha E. V. Byram

27-Martha Emmell Voorhees Byram d/John Flagg Voorhees

28-John Flagg Voorhees

29-Corneilia A. Emmell Voorhees w/John Flagg Voorhees

30-Silas Pierson

31-Sarah Ann Moore Pierson Youngs