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Who's Who in the Grave Yard
The Presbyterian Church in Morristown

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1-The Baker Vault

     William Chapman Baker

     William C. Baker

     Eliza Wendalil Baker

     George Franklin Turner

     Sarah Morris Baker

     Clermont Looe Baker

     Kate Stuart Baker

     Elizabeth Baker Turner

     Elizabeth Saunders Baker

     Alice Wardell Baker

2-William LaDue & Mary Stuart Baker LaDue

3-Lieutenant Colonel Silas Axtell

     Elizabeth Loree Axtell

     Phebe G. Roff

4- "JDC - ETC" (Jonathan Dickenson Condict & Emilie Tuttle Condict)

5- "WC - CAC" (Walter Condict & Cornelia A. Condict)

6-Axtell Family Monument

     Jacob Axtell

     Rachel Enslee Axtell

     Ann Shelden Axtell

     Alfred R. Axtell

     Orlando K. Axtell

     Emma G. Axtell

     Mary L. Axtell

     Caroline L. Axtell

     John H. Axtell

     Samuel L. Axtell

7- Henry Vail Condict Family Monument

     Henry Vail Condict

     Anna Hudson Condict

     Don Lorenzo Moore

     Edith Condict Moore

     Hudson King Condict

     Cuyler Condict

8- "DLM - ECM" (Don Lorenzo Moore & Edith Condict Moore)

9- "HVC - AHC" (Henry Vail Condict & Anna Hudson Condict)

10- "HKC" (Hudson King Condict)

11-James Woodburn Langmuir & Jeanne Woodburn Langmuir 

12-Emily French

13-Silas B. Condict Family Monument

     Silas B. Condict

     Mary Johnson Condict

     Jonathan Dickenson Condict

     Emilie Tuttle Condict

     Reverend Walter Condict

     Cornelia A. Eames Condict

     Alice B. Condict,  MD

14-Charlotte Ford Condict Lee & Joseph M. Lee

15- "ARL - HCL" (Alice R. Lee & "HCL" h/h)

16- "SBC" (Silas B. Condict)

17- "MJC" (Mary Johnson Condict)

18- "ABC" (Alice B. Condict)

19-Lindsley Vault

     Robert Lindsley d. 1844

     William Mead Lindsley d. 1849

     Mary Ann Fairclo Lindsley d. 1890

     Caleb Farrand Lindsley

     Maria C. Brownlee Lindsley h/wife

     Abby Parmelia Lindsley Nichol

     Edward Andrew Mason Lindsley

     Robert Lindsley Mather


Note:  In 1844,  when the Vault was being placed,  the excavation unearthed a number of brass buttons and fragments of blue cloth.  Indications are that this was the site of a mass burial at the time of the smallpox epedemic in 1777.


20-William A. Lewis & Bertha Lindsley Lewis d/Abby Pamelia Lindsley Nichol

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