Guide to the Mapping of the Graveyard

The burying ground is divided into 31 segments containing over 1,000 marker and fragment sites plus the Memorial Garden. A map for each of the 31 segments displays each marker and fragment site. Each site is assigned a number within its segment, e.g., Timothy Mills is shown as 11/10. The number on the left is the segment; the number on the right is the site within that segment. Interments in the Memorial Garden are indicated by the letters "MG."

To locate a specific grave site, go to the alphabetical index of surnames and identify the grave site number (##/##). Then go to the grave site locator map and find the desired segment on the map. A layout of the grave sites within that segment will appear together with the names of all those interred in that segment. 

Research and Documentation

For a comprehensive guide to the research and survey process used by historian Scott Shepherd to identify and map grave sites in the burying ground, contact the PCM office at 973-538-1776 or email.