Early Compilations and Reinterments

In the Spring of 1851, Alfred Vail recorded information contained on the inscriptions on the grave markers in Copies of the Epitaphs on the Tombstones in the Burial Ground of the First Presbyterian Church in Morristown, N. J. Again in 1931, Mary Johnson Parker undertook the task of recording information from the markers in the graveyard. Upon completing her survey, she compared her findings with those of Vail and prepared an Addendum showing inscriptions found by Vail which no longer were observable. 

Some of the markers observed by Vail no doubt deteriorated. Others appear on Vail's list but not Parker's list because Trustees of the church began restricting interments to those owning private plots in January of 1855. As a result,some families opted to relocate their loved ones to the more expansive Evergreen Cemetery which had opened about that time, thus allowing generations to come to be buried with their ancestors.

Thanks to the research of Kemper Chambers, Evergreen Cemetery Historian, 135 cases of reinterment have been confirmed 85 of which do not appear in either Vail or Parker's compilation. Among those reinterred were William Tuttle, his wife Tempe Wick, and Reverend Dr. Timothy Johnes, the first Pastor of the Morristown Church.

In cases where the confirmation was obtained from the compilation of Kemper Chambers entitled Inscriptions On Tombstones In Evergreen Cemetery 1748-1974, citations, including page numbers, have been included in Editorial Notes. In other cases, reference is made to Chambers, without a page number citation. In these cases, confirmation was through an unpublished listing he prepared in 2000. Wherever possible the date of reinterment and the new location in Evergreen Cemetery are indicated, e.g., "Reinterred at Evergreen 3 May 1866 Location K-20." Four of the individuals reinterred at Evergreen have markers remaining in the Burying Ground: Emma Amelia King, Gertrude and Jeanne Mills, and Frank Murray Olyphant.