Magic Form

Help us with calendar planning and event promotion by filling out a Magic Form below.

For best results, it is recommended to submit Magic Form 60 days in advance of your event.

Contact: Cali Woods, Communications Coordinator

WhatsUp Table

Inform! Promote! Register! Pay! Need to get the word out, sign up volunteers, accept payment for an event? Reserve a seat at the WhatsUp Table on one or two Sunday mornings at church. This gives you the opportunity to talk to others in person about your event AND the congregation will receive word from the pulpit. 

Video Request Form

Need a video to promote your event? Please complete a video request form.

 Magic Form

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WhatsUp Table - This is a great way to engage people and register them/accept payment for your event. If you plan to appear at the WhatsUp Table on a Sunday at church, SIGN UP SEPARATELY (link is above and on the landing page after submission of this form).
RSVP and/or Payment (Check all that apply)