Video Request

Planning an event? Considering a promotional video? We can help.

Please take a moment to review what's included in a standard video short.  When you are ready, please complete the video request form below.  We strongly recommend submitting your request 60 days or more in advance, this will help ensure best coordinating results.

Contact: Cali Woods, Communications Coordinator

Standard Video Short Request 

Includes: Up to 90-second video with one person talking, in one location, with one camera, one-person crew,  and up to one hour of shoot time.
Delivery: Withing 10 business days,  a video short will be available for review and edits. Once finalized, video may be used on various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Website, etc. $300.00.

Video Request Form

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Add-ons: Add existing b-roll or stills- $100 Shoot b-roll and include in video- $100/hr Additional shoot time / additional locations- $100/hr Additional editing 7 days or more after video finalized- $50/hr
Any add-ons? (Select all that apply). *