Performances - Audio and Video

Performances include concerts, musical services, musical selections in services and children's musical events. 


Musical Event

Requiem for the Living 04-14-2017

04-14-2017 Dan Forrest's Requiem for the Living and Beethoven's Symphony No. 7, Allegretto performed by orchestra and choir.

Dinner Cabaret 03-24-2017

Talented musicians of all ages from the church community perform at the Dinner Cabaret 03-24-2017.

Children's Musical 02-05-2017

Video selection from the 2017 Children's Musical, "In the Image" by Mark Burrows. Directed by Julie Ramseyer.

Mike Treni Big Band performs The Christmas SOng 12-03-2016.

The Christmas Song is performed at a Christmas concert by the Mike Treni Big Band.

Jazz Vespers 2016

Video excerpts from the Jazz Vespers services, Oct 23 & 30, Nov 6 & 13, 2016 led by the Steve Hess Band.

Collage Goes to the Movies 04-29-2016

Collage Goes to the Movies 04-29-2016 - performances by choirs, instrumentalists, vocal soloists, dancers and a rock band.

Children's Musical 02-07-2016

Children's Musical 02-07-2016: A Technical Promise by Allen Pote and Carole McCann, directed by Julie Ramseyer.

Requiem by Duruflé & Anthems of Remembrance-All Saints Concert 11-01-2015

All Saints Concert 11-01-2015: Duruflé's Requiem and Anthems of Remembrance performed by combined church choirs.

Easter Sunday 04-05-2015 Mahler's Symphony #2 The Resurrection

Easter Sunday 04-05-2015 Mahler's Symphony #2 The Resurrection

Collage on Broadway Slideshow 03-20-2015

Slideshow- Red carpet pre-show and Collage on Broadway concert with performers from The Presbyterian Church in Morristown 03-20-2015

Children's Musical 02-01-2015

02-01-2015 Video of "Small Things," song from the Children's Musical, Table for Five...Thousand by Pote, sung by the children's choirs.

Magnificat in D Major by J.S. Bach 12-07-2014

12-07-2014 Magnificat (BWV 243) by J.S. Bach, performed by the Chancel Choir and chamber orchestra during worship

Requiem by Gabriel Faure 11-02-2014

Selection from Gabriel Faure's Requiem, All Saints Day service 11-02-2014, Chancel Choir and organist Ryan Kennedy.

Chancel Choir

Chancel Choir sings during worship.

08-17-2014 Vacation Bible School Celebration at Worship

Vacation Bible School is celebrated at 08-17-2014 worship.

Organ Recital 05-18-2014 Ryan Kennedy

Organist Ryan Kennedy plays music of Bach and French composers.

The Swan for Cello and Piano

05-09-2014 Concert - Cellist Marnie Kaller and pianist Richard Kaller perform The Swan by Saint-Saens

Requiem for the Living 04-13-2014

04-13-14 Concert - Requiem for the Living by Dan Forrest performed by the Chancel Choir and Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Matthew Webb.

Music of the Senses: Collage Concert 03-16-2014

Musicians from The Presbyterian Church in Morristown perform Music of the Senses in collage concert format 03-16-2014.

Sound Over All Waters 03-16-2014

03-16-2014 Service - Chancel Choir, soprano Michele Yampolsky and saxophonist Matthew Wills perform Sound Over All Waters by Paul Halley

Children's Choirs - Vocal and Bell

Selections from the Children's Choirs - Bel Canto (grades 3-5) and Bel Melodia (grades k-2).

American Songbook 11-2013

11-15-13 Friday Lunchtime Concert
Soprano Elise Figa and tenor Jayson Greenberg are accompanied by Matthew Webb on piano

Cantus High School Ensemble-Vocal Selections

Cantus performances

Ringers-on-the-Green Selections

Ringers-on-the Green: Performances and tour highlights

Bending Towards the Light: A Jazz Nativity

Concert on 12/15/2013 with choir, vocal and instrumental soloists, jazz ensemble and tap dancing.

The First Nowell

Musical Service 12-01-2013 The First Nowell by Vaughan Williams: Aria in Classical Style: harp and string ensemble

Mary, Where Is Your Baby?

12-08-2013 Tower Musical selection: Mary where Is Your Baby?

02-03-2013 Children's Musical

02-03-2013 Children's Musical - The Lost Boy3