Vacation Bible School Registration Form 2017

June 26-30, 2017
9:15am - 12:15pm

The Presbyterian Church in Morristown Parish House, 65 South St, Morristown

Please complete one registration-authorization form online (below) for each child by hitting the submit button. The destination page will give you the option of returning to register another child. If you prefer, you may download the Registration Form. If you register your child with a paper form, please also download the Parent Permission Form and hand-in the two forms together to a VBS leader.

 Volunteers needed! If you can help with VBS, please fill out a Volunteer Form.

Contact: Alexandra Mead, Director of Vacation Bible School


Please complete a separate form for each child by hitting the submit button. The destination page will give you the option of returning to register another child.
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Child must be 3 years old by 6/01/17 and potty trained to participate in VBS.
Grade entering in Fall 2017*
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Our Vacation Bible School is designed for children to be placed in small similarly aged groups. We can sometimes put two friends together but not a whole group. VBS is a great time to make new friends.
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Volunteering: Are you willing to help with VBS? If so, please fill out an online form above.
I hereby grant permission for my child to: 1) Use all play equipment and participate in all activities at The Presbyterian Church in Morristown's (PCM) Vacation Bible School, 2) include my child in photos/audio/video whether displayed in print and/or presented on the Internet in connection with Vacation Bible School. I hereby grant permission for the VBS director to take whatever steps may be necessary to obtain emergency medical care if warranted. These steps may include, but are not limited to: 1) Attempt to contact a parent, guardian or emergency contact, 2) a call to 911. Any expenses incurred in securing emergency medical care will be borne by the child's family. If you have concerns about any of these terms, please consult with the VBS director.
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