Each year, The Presbyterian Church in Morristown facilitates the awarding of scholarships to active members of the congregation who are furthering their education. For details and the application form specific to each scholarship, please click on the Scholarship listing below. All scholarships will be awarded on Recognition Sunday, June 19, 2016.

Eckland Scholarship 

Overseen by the Community Foundation of New Jersey, this scholarship is for undergraduate and graduate students in need of financial assistance. An interest in teaching is preferred.  Letter to Students      Application

Cobb and Betty Green Jones ScholarshipsOve

Overseen by the PCM Finance Committee, these two scholarship are awarded to confirmed members of the congregatin accepted as full-time students at an institution of higher liearning

Presbyterian Women Memorial Scholarship

The PW scholarship is awarded to anyone age 17 and older who is furthering his/her education. Contact Sherry for application.

Music Scholarship - At the discretion of the director of music, a scholarship may be awarded to a high school senior who has exhibited musical talent while participating in church services and programs over the years.