How to Advocate for Environmental Justice

What exactly is Environmental Justice? There are so many issues out there. Where to start? What's right for you? Many people seem knowledgeable and tied into their own path and passion and cause, but perhaps you are not yet sure of your own role in protecting the environment... which can be intimidating and discouraging all at the same time.

EVERYONE - with today’s modern communication tools of smart phones and digital cameras and social media - EVERYONE can be a citizen journalist and an advocate for environmental justice. At The Citizens Campaign website, there are online training classes on how to be a citizen journalist. However, you don’t even need to go that far to be a great citizen journalist...

Every time you post a photo about the environment around you, every time you ask a question at a local municipal meeting about  how your local government is working, every time you tweet or blog about your community and what is going on with the environment in it, you are acting as a citizen journalist and an environmental advocate! If EVERYONE takes even these small steps to expose injustices, promote good practices, question municipal decisions, we are preventing things from being hidden. So write it, photograph it, blog it and tweet it! Participate in your local government and become an environmental justice advocate!