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A Note of Thanks from Outreach and Table of Hope

A Note of Thanks from Outreach and Table of Hope

We can never say “Thank You” enough! From all of us on the Outreach Committee, thank you, thank you, thank you to PCM members and youth groups for such generous donations to the Table of Hope Donation Drive. Your commitment to this annual donation drive yielded the following and we are deeply grateful: 190 contractor size trash bags, 530 pairs of vinyl gloves, 500 to go containers, 2,440 plastic forks, 3,150 sandwich bags, 15 foil pans, six commercial size aluminum foil rolls, and 11 bottles of dishwashing soap.  In addition, we are thankful for the donations of $655 in support of Table of Hope.  These donations help keep the Table of Hope soup kitchen running and bring the community together to help fight hunger.    

Michele Oswald, Program Director, from Table of Hope says, “We are so grateful for the support and donations from PCM!  These items will help us serve our nightly dinner guests!

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