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Dear friends,

This Lent, we share stories about conversations.

It is our hope that these Scripture passages and personal reflections will be a guide for you as we journey together as a church through this season. Within this devotional, you will find conversations that have been particularly meaningful.

During different times in our lives, we experience all kinds of conversations that change us in some way. This year, we are thinking about how we find meaning in conversations and how they deepen our relationships with God and each other. During this season, we are diving into those very conversations in the Bible. In this devotional, you will see how the Scripture passages intersect with stories from our writers’ lives. With a diverse range of theological and political beliefs and outlooks, we hope these reflections inspire your own reflections on these sacred texts.


Reverend Audrey

Lent 2024 Daily Devotionals

Advent 2023

The season of giving is upon us, there is conflict in the world, and the needs in our communities near and far are significant.

The sacrament of baptism is how we are marked as God’s own. John the Baptist acted in fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah by baptizing individuals after they confessed their sins...

Ever since my first job, I always feared making a mistake.  I feared getting written up, spoken to, or even fired from the job. 

I was born in the New York Presbyterian Hospital and raised on the banks of the Hudson River just west of the city in a New Jersey town aptly named West New York. Throughout my life...

Wait a minute!  This is a Christmas Day story? Where’s “O little town of Bethlehem?” The narrative attributed to John is not a story of...

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