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Enriching our community of faith through an inclusive music and arts program.

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​Have you always wanted to visit France but have been waiting for the right moment? Now is your chance! ​The Chancel Choir will be taking a performing tour of France in May 2024 and you're invited!

Are you passionate about the visual arts and faith?  Unleash your creativity while deepening your connection with God through our Visual Arts Ministry! 

We are excited to announce our third art gallery show at PCM!  For this show, we are calling all quilters to submit their quilting creations!

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Austin Organ

The Austin organ at The Presbyterian Church in Morristown was originally built in 1960 as a three manual, 50-rank instrument. The organ was typical of the period: neo-classic scheme, small scales, light foundations. The entire instrument was installed at one level behind a magnificent 19th century case similar to the Mormon Tabernacle. The Austin organ went through significant tonal modifications in 1996 when refurbished from its original construction.