Prayer for Syria and Turkey

A Prayer for Syria and Turkey

Help for Syria and Turkey

The number of people killed by the earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria in February has now passed 50,000 people.  More than 173,000 buildings have collapsed or been damaged, with more than 1.9 million people taking refuge in temporary shelters.  Over 28 million people have been affected in Turkey and Syria by the quakes.  

PCM members can provide emergency relief to our siblings in Turkey and Syria and help with long-term recovery effort by donating to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA). 

Ways to Donate to PDA: 

1. Click here to donate through the PDA website.

2. Donate to PDA through Breeze by clicking on the “Donate Here” button below and choosing PDA Turkey/Syria Earthquake Recovery from the drop-down menu.

3. Donate to PDA by mailing a check to PCM (made out to PCM), 65 South Street, Morristown, NJ  07960 (note in memo: PDA Turkey Earthquake).  

A Prayer for Syria and Turkey

Friends, as we bear witness to the devastating news in the aftermath of the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey, while we remain helpless not always knowing how best to take action, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance offers some ways that we can help.  Please click here to see how you can give, act, and pray for our siblings in Syria and Turkey.  While we must take action, we are also called to pray. We hope that you will join us in prayer.

God of our lives, we come to you in our grief as we witness the deaths of our siblings in Syria and Turkey.

We don’t understand why this happens.

Why innocent people sleeping in their beds die.

We don’t understand why children die.

Why children are left without parents and parents are now without children and why so many are now without family and friends.

We don’t understand why this happens, God, but we do know that you are the One who will be the comforting presence to those left behind.

God, in your mercy, we pray that you will cling to your people in Syria and Turkey, that you will be the balm for our tears, and you will hold your homeless children even as their lives are changed forever.

God, as millions of your people are affected by the total destruction of their cities and homes, we pray that you will guide us to help even as we helplessly sit not knowing what to do. 

Teach us to continually give, act, and pray.  May we choose to freely give what we can to help.  Show us how we can act, but most of all help us to recognize that we are called to pray without ceasing.  

We pour out our hearts to you God during this time of devastation.  Hear our prayers as we cover our dear siblings that in this tragedy we may bear witness that these souls will not be forgotten.  

Rebuild and restore oh God the lives of your children, and may you continually remind us that you are still there.

In the rubble

Covering our hearts

Holding our grief

When the news cycle has moved on

Your ever present light is always there.


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