Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller Presents The Spiritual Child

How invaluable is spirituality to a child’s mental and physical health? On February 16, Dr. Lisa Miller visits the Presbyterian Church in Morristown to discuss a pioneering new way to think about parenting our modern youth. Register for this free event today!

Thursday, February 16

6:30 – 8:00 pm

Presbyterian Church in Morristown
57 E. Park Place, Morristown, NJ 07960

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Free childcare provided onsite for this event. Register here.

The New Science on Parenting for Health and Lifelong Thriving

Free Event! | Thursday, February 16 at 6:30 pm | Presbyterian Church in Morristown | 57. East Park Place, Morristown

In The Spiritual Child, psychologist Lisa Miller presents the next big idea in psychology: the science and the power of spirituality. She explains the clear, scientific link between spirituality and health and shows that children who have a positive, active relationship to spirituality:

  • are 40% less likely to use and abuse substances
  • are 60% less likely to be depressed as teenagers
  • are 80% less likely to have dangerous or unprotected sex
  • have significantly more positive markers for thriving including an increased sense of meaning and purpose, and high levels of academic success.

Combining cutting-edge research with broad anecdotal evidence from her work as a clinical psychologist to illustrate just how invaluable spirituality is to a child’s mental and physical health, Miller translates these findings into practical advice for parents, giving them concrete ways to develop and encourage their children’s—as well as their own—well-being. In this provocative, conversation-starting book, Dr. Miller presents us with a pioneering new way to think about parenting our modern youth.

About Dr. Lisa Miller

Dr. Lisa Miller is Professor and Founder of the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Teachers College, Columbia University. A graduate of Yale and University of Pennsylvania, she is a leading national expert in spirituality, health and thriving in development.

Dr. Miller has authored 100 peer review articles on spirituality and mental health in youth and family.  She is a grant funded clinical scientist, Fellow of the American Psychological Association and former President of the APA Society of Psychology & Spirituality.  She is Editor of The Oxford University Press Handbook of Psychology & Spirituality and Editor-in-Chief of Spirituality in Clinical Practice (APA Journals).  Dr. Miller consults, conducts workshops and trainings, and speaks extensively in the Unites States and internationally.

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For the duration of the event, childcare is generously provided by the trained staff of counselors at Camp Johnsonburg. Any families making use of childcare for this event can look forward to silly games and fun activities. Camp Johnsonburg seeks to reach out and serve all persons in a manner which honors diversity and recognizes the worth of every individual as a child of God, and offer many programs for children, adolescents, and families. Please visit for more information.

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