Morris Area Together

Morris Area Together Participates in Chicago Community Action Meeting

Morris Area Together is part of Metro IAF, which is comprised of 17 organizations in seven states east of the Mississippi River. In mid-July, more than 30 individuals gathered for Metro IAF Organizing Training at the DePaul University Lincoln Park Campus in Chicago. As part of the training, our Metro IAF group (pictured below) participated in a community action meeting with 1,500 other faith and community leaders at the “House of Hope” in Chicago’s South Side.

Representing Morris Area Together were Ariadna Uribe (far left) and Vern Verhoef (center back row). As part of the community action we called on Senator Dick Durbin and other officials to provide funding necessary to implement policies related to gun safety, mental illness, and affordable housing.

Key Lesson: When we make the effort to be in relationship with each other, we can come together to act on specific, tangible items, confronting government and/or corporations, as our own power wielding organization. This is how we create meaningful change.

To become involved with issues being addressed in Morris County, please contact Marnie Kaller or Vern Verhoef.

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