Session Update

Session Highlights: January 2024

Clerk’s Report:

Action item(s):

  • To Approve the Minutes of Regular Meeting on December 14, 2023
  • To Approve the Special Session Meeting to Receive New Members on December 17, 2023, MSA.
  • To Approve the 2024 Statistical Report.

Actions Required by the Denomination:

  • Schedule for the Lord’s Supper for the year: MOTION to approve the celebration of Communion: MA (see list below):
    • For 8:00 am service: All Sundays in 2024 and January, 2025
    • For 10:00 am service: All 1st Sundays in 2024 and January, 2025
    • Maundy Thursday, March 28, 2024
    • To serve communion, as needed, at Spring Hills in 2024 and January, 2025
    • For pastors to serve at-home communion, as needed, in 2024 and January, 2025
  • List the terms and end dates for all those elected: elders, deacons, clerk of session and treasure: MOTION – The Clerk of Session, Elder Wendy Doidge and treasurer, Elder Karen May are each approved to serve one-year renewable terms of service, January 2023- January 2025, MSA.
  • List contents of your Operations Manual and the dates when policies were approved (Indicate here our Child & Youth Protection and Sexual Misconduct, and for 2024, our Anti- Harassment and Anti- Racism policies. Policies are assembled and stored in the file cabinet in PH office. It includes: A Sexual Misconduct Policy, a Child Protection Policy, Alcohol Policy,
  • Cite the name and contact information for insurance provider: Insurance Board, Sovereign Insurance Group. Agent’s name: John Caulfield.
  • Include *Annual Budget & Pastor’s compensation: TOC 2024 will be voted on at the Annual Congregational Meeting on February 4, 2024.

Changes in Church Register:

  • New Members: x
  • Baptisms: x
  • Marriages: x
  • Deaths: x
  • Dropped from Roll: x
  • Transfers: x


  • Assembling the Annual Statistical Report – to be approved by session
  • Assembling the Clerk’s Annual Report
  • As secretary of our Corporation, the Clerk of Session signed the PILP contract, Elder Kaller signed as president, it was then forwarded by Paul Koski to Presbytery via email and USPS.

Presbytery Happenings and Information:

Next meeting: January 27 via zoom. The Presbytery will be voting to approve Rev. Webber as our next installed associate pastor! Commissioned elders for this meeting were: Craig Barth and Betty Darcy. Clerk of Session, Elder Wendy Doidge is also a voting member by virtue of previous office held as moderator.

Adjournment and Closing Prayer

There being no further business to come before the Session, the Session voted to Adjourn the Meeting and the Rev. Daniel Vigilante closed the meeting with prayer at 12:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Wendy M. Doidge
Clerk of Session

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