New Flowers for Sunday Service!

Welcome to worship in comfort of South Street Hall.  Our first service there on June 30 was certainly refreshing and joyous! Did you happen to notice the beautiful floral arrangement?  Did you know that they are silk flowers?  Since the number of donations of flowers each Sunday has dropped off significantly over the past two […]

PCM Outreach: Addressing Food Insecurity in Morris County

It is estimated that in Morris County, at least 26,000 people are facing food insecurity! There are many things contributing to this, from the high cost of housing to the high cost of food itself, particularly for those on limited incomes. What would Jesus insist we do if we are able?

Did You Know You Can Chat During Online Worship?

Yes, you read that right! A livestream of our 10:00 am worship service is available every week on the PCM website by selecting the “Worship> Worship Online” menu item or via the Sunday email. It can also be viewed on YouTube or Facebook. If you worship via the website, we sponsor a “chat” each week […]