Visions of Paradise Art Show: Call for Submissions

We are excited to announce our second art gallery show at PCM!  Whether you work in the mediums of paint, pen, pencil, photography, textile, or sculpture, we would be delighted for you to submit! 

“The Gospel According To” Series Kicks Off On July 2!

This summer, we are planning a sermon series called The Gospel According to _____. The idea is to fill in that blank with a different subject each week. It could be a singer, author, artist, movie, TV show, abstract concept, or any other creative possibility you can think of!

June 1: Community-Wide Witness for Love

The Morristown Community is having a gathering for prayer and witness Thursday evening, June 1, at Church of the Redeemer at 7:00 pm. All are welcome to attend this special event.

Calling All Visual Artists!

We are excited to announce our first art gallery show at PCM this coming Easter!  We are calling for works of art inspired by our Lenten Devotional theme: making all things new.